Project : Levi's® 501 Day

Client : Levi's ®

Project Category : Media Impact / Launches


Creating and celebrating the first Levi’s ® 501 Day



      1. An event targeted at Malaysian youths.
      2. First 501 Day created as a property for Levi’s ®.
      3. Amateur youth bands sourced from Colleges and Unis.
      4. Demos sent in and evaluated. Top 8 bands selected.
      5. Demo music recreated in a studio onto a CD. VO on CD introduces music and event. CD sent to all Levi's ® outlets in the country as promotion.
      6. Bands were given makeovers and had magazine interviews. Promo gig played at sponsor's outlet.
      7. Battle of the bands competition staged, with all colleges and Unis invited.
      8. Winning bands get cash, studio time and instruments.