Project : Proton's 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner

Client : Proton

Project Category : Media Impact / Others


A live telecast Gala Dinner to celebrate Proton's 25th Anniversary



Conceptualized and planned event as a TV programme aired live:

          1. Created a ‘TV programme’ flow of the event utilizing the anniversary theme of Pride, Passion and Progress fitting into the past, present and future of Proton.
          2. Specially created performances for the event.
          3. A Poem commissioned, written and performed live.
          4. Funny videos of children’s aspirations.
          5. Video of the background history to the creation of Proton
          6. Performances by Malaysia’s top artistes, Sheila Majid and Zainal Abidin, in a unique collaboration accompanied by a charity montage.
          7. The revealing of the latest Proton cars.
          8. A comedy skit on the birth of Proton.
          9. A crafted presentation by the MD.