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Events & Activations in a New Era

In a challenging time of SOPs, social distancing and minimal crowds,
new approaches are required to hit sales and marketing targets,
and to convert existing Conferences into new hybrid and virtual events
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About Us

Creative and innovative events and activations with quantitative results.
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  • Roadshows
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  • Sales & Promotions
  • /
  • Sampling
  • /
  • Merchandising
  • /
  • Mystery Shoppers


Impact Events

  • Product Launches
  • /
  • Conferences
  • /
  • Sport Events
  • /
  • Ceremonies
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  • Media Events


Our Clients

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Event Type

What type of event do you have in mind?

Event Type

A launch? A roadshow? A conference? A marketing campaign?

Event Scale

On what scale?

Event Scale

This is the most important factor that impacts your budget. Let us know the scale and the level of quality you require. These determine what you can do within your budget.For an activation, how many locations, for how long? For impact events, what quality of entertainment? Number of attendees?

Event Objective

What are your objectives?

Event Objective

What is the purpose of the event?
What are you hoping to achieve?
How will you determine if the event is a success or not?

Event Budget

What is your budget?

Event Budget

Let us know your budget and we can work faster, and give you recommendations.
If you are putting a budget together, that tell us what you need to achieve and what scale you require.

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