Marlboro Nationwide Merchandising

Event Objective : Penetrate and brand sales outlets nationwide
Plan : Create branding teams to assist and work with Marlboro’s nationwide sales team
Results : 80,000 outlets merchandised in two weeks

Guinness MIP

Event Objective : Boost incremental sales of Guinness specially at coffee shops nationwide
Plan : Visit 10,000 coffee shops nationwide with a specially created mobile sales team. Twice!
Results : 20,000 coffee shops visited

Guinness Got It

Event Objective : Campaign stunt for product awareness in 3 nights
Plan : Put up 100,000 posters in public locations per night in a blitz teaser campaign
Results : 300,000 posters put up nationwide

Start Your Day With Nescafe Sampling Campaign

Event Objective : To kick start consumers into drinking Nescafe as part of their morning ritual
Plan : National on-ground campaign serving perfect hot coffee at high traffic locations
Results : Over 650,000 samples from a 500,000 target

Mobil 1 Mystery Shopper

Event Objective : To survey, record and reward outlets that recommended Mobil 1 as the 1st choice oil to consumers
Plan : To visit designated outlets in a specific geographical area as a mystery shopper
Results : 200 outlets visited. 120 outlets identified and rewarded

Proton Nationwide Road Show

Event Objective : Sales and lead generation for selected Proton cars
Plan : Create and manage roadshows at 20 malls in Peninsular Malaysia
Results : 20,000 qualified leads generated

Coke Break

Event Objective : To encourage consumers to uplift their afternoon slump moments where they need an uplift

by consistently reinforcing the refreshing and uplifting by reaching for a Coca-Cola

Plan : To draw and reward consumers to participate in a video shoot with a key influencer,

highlighting their uplifted afternoon

Results : 20,000 visitors and 16,000 cans distributed & 2 videos created

Coca-Cola Taste The Feeling Roadshow

Event Objective : Introduce Coca-Cola new campaign to consumers via roadshow and sampling
Plan : Mobile truck, cafe and activities at 65 youth locations in Peninsula Malaysia
Results : 65,000 samples achieved

Dutch Lady Jom Heboh

Event Objective : Dutch Lady sales & promotion in Jom Heboh Festival
Plan : Create, run, manage and advise on the Dutch Lady sales booth
Results : Over RM 1m in sales for 7 years

Coca-Cola “Share-A-Coke”

Event Objective : To encourage incremented sales by rewarding consumers with a customised Coca-Cola can
Plan : 19 locations over Peninsular Malaysia
Results : RM 1.1m sales and 45,000 personalised cans given

Minute Maid In-Store Sampling

Event Objective : To promote Minute Maid product in-store in Peninsular Malaysia
Plan : In-store sampling in 75 in outlets (hypermarket, supermarket etc)
Results : 600,000 samples distributed

Think City “Medan Pasar Activation”

Event Objective : To bring the newly renovated Medan Pasar to life
Plan : A series of events – Green Market, Buy Nothing Day, Pokok Power, Night Run & Malam Wayang
Results : 150,000 visitors and 80,000 direct participants

Coca-Cola Stevia Sampling

Event Objective : To introduce new Coca-Cola Stevia to potential consumers via experiential sampling
Plan : Nine days roadshow at two major shopping malls in Klang Valley
Results : 250,000 visitors and 26,000 samples trialled

EurAsia Cup Promotional Roadshow

Event Objective : To drive awareness of attendance to the EurAsia Cup 2018
Plan : Visit 105 Golf Clubs in 35 days
Results : Awareness created to over 100,000 targeted consumers.

Top 10,000 most enthusiastic consumers rewarded with tickets